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Committed To Our People, Environment And Communities

Our purpose is to protect people, enhance lives and preserve the planet. We articulate it as enabling THE RIGHT PEOPLE to do THE RIGHT THINGS in THE RIGHT WAY.

At Rentokil Boecker, our responsible business focus areas are colleagues and culture, the environment, service and innovation, and communities. We provide high-quality services for our customers by focusing on the safety, engagement and training of our colleagues, and by developing innovative products and services which are increasingly non-toxic and sustainable. This is demonstrated through our mission and social purpose: Protecting People, Enhancing Lives and Preserving our Planet. 

Our colleagues are at the heart of our plan to deliver profitable growth through outstanding customer service and operational excellence. We articulate it as enabling THE RIGHT PEOPLE to do THE RIGHT THINGS in THE RIGHT WAY. Health and safety is embedded in this plan and is the first item on our Colleague and Customer Promises; the framework for the culture of the company.

We have made several public commitments to a sustainable future, notably a target of Net Zero by 2040 with a reduction in the amount of electricity we use, plastics and packaging. To support this, we are also making a number of category specific commitments to reduce environmental impact.

Health & Safety 

There is nothing more important in Rentokil Boecker than ensuring that ‘Everyone Goes Home Safe’ at the end of their working day. Our colleagues, their families and our customers rely on this commitment. Health & Safety (H&S) will always be our priority and there is no compromise on this. 

We will ensure that:

  • Our leaders provide visible safety leadership and engage with colleagues to instil safe behaviours and create a strong safety culture
  • Colleagues have the training and tools to enable them to do their job safely and are empowered to make the right decisions, first time and every time about their safety
  • All health and safety risks are understood, evaluated and controlled by adopting best practice in all of our work procedures
  • Health and safety performance is regularly monitored, reviewed and publicly reported
  • We act on what we learn to continually improve our health and safety performance


At Rentokil Boecker, we take seriously our responsibility to play our part: to take action across our business; to help our customers deliver on their own sustainability goals; and to drive change in our industry.

We are committed to:

  1. Embracing more non-toxic solutions; to find better ways to prevent, detect and target infestations, wherever possible using non-toxic treatments
  2. Making a difference with every innovation; to deliver our services and design every new innovation we bring to market with sustainability firmly in mind
  3. Living, breathing and acting sustainably; to look at all aspects of our operations, workplaces and supply chain, working with our people to build a culture of sustainability, proactively taking measures to reduce our emissions
  4. Reducing, reusing, recycling; to measure and reducing the waste we generate as a business to zero landfill and incineration, while increasing the use of recycled materials in our products and across our operations
  5. Partnering to preserve the planet; to build long-term partnerships that support greater biodiversity and positively benefit the environment for future generations

Mission Sustainable

At Rentokil Boecker, we’re on a mission to find new ways to effectively control pests while minimising our impact on the environment. Using our market-leading expertise, innovation and solutions, our people are bringing sustainable pest control to more businesses, globally. We’re helping them achieve their sustainability goals, while delivering on our commitment to be net zero across our operations by 2040.

 We’re committed to mobilising our people and collective expertise to:

  • Drive positive change across every aspect of our supply chain and operations – and deliver on our goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2040. 
  • Work closely with customers to safeguard their businesses, by applying new, effective non-toxic treatments and ensuring all our innovations have sustainability in mind.
  • Bring sustainable pest control solutions to more businesses, globally - to help them reduce their own environmental impact, while partnering with climate charities to really make a difference.

Because, at Rentokil Boecker , we believe now is the time for action.





Group Health & Safety Policy Statement

Our Group H&S policy statement expresses our commitment to health and safety and is authorised by Andy Ransom, Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Serving all Sectors Responsibly

As we master an acutely rooted understanding of your business, the expertise we have nurtured to date in pest control, food safety, germ control, hygiene and premium scenting enables us to thoroughly comprehend the needs of your business and the nature of your challenges.

Group Environment Policy Statement

Our Group environment policy statement expresses our commitment to delivering net zero carbon emissions by the end of 2040 and is authorised by Andy Ransom, Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Responsible Business Report

At Rentokil Initial, our responsible business focus areas are colleagues and culture, the environment, service and innovation, and communities. This is underpinned by a commitment to strong governance and transparent targets.