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Pest Control & Hygiene Services in Abu Dhabi

Solving pest problems in the UAE for over 20 years. Licensed, award-winning pest removal experts. Specialists in the removal of cockroaches, bed bugs, rats and mosquitoes.


Rentokil Boecker® offers a wide range of pest prevention and removal services in Abu Dhabi for cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, ants and rodents.

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Expert Pest Control Near You In Abu Dhabi

For all your public health needs, there’s a Rentokil Boecker® team ready to provide solutions.

Our Abu Dhabi branch covers the whole emirate.

Professional disinfecting services | AC ducts cleaning and disinfecting treatments | Food safety consulting | Food safety training | Hygiene products and services | Premium scenting services

Pest control expertise
For over 28 years, we have protected properties from pests across the MENAT region with an unconditional commitment to protecting health, property and the environment.
Certified services
All our services are ISO 9001:2015 certified and use products that are approved and licensed by local authorities. The best services with as little disruption to your daily life as possible.
Satisfaction guaranteed
Our trained and certified professionals apply safety-driven and environmental-friendly protocols for guaranteed results, offering you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pest problem is over.

Pest Control Services For Your Home In Abu Dhabi

With a population of over 1.4 million in Abu Dhabi, the likelihood of a pest infestation at some point in city life is high. Abu Dhabi’s dense urban population offers vermin like rats and mice ample sources of food and safe harbourage. From fly-infested kitchens to mosquitoes swarming in winter, Rentokil Boecker® has seen it all.

We understand how distressing a pest infestation can be, and its far-reaching impact on your home, health and loved ones. Based in Abu Dhabi of the UAE, all our pest control service technicians offer rapid response, and our local customer service team is always here to help. 

Our Abu Dhabi pest control team of experienced technicians, surveyors, field biologists, fumigation and bird control specialists are ready to deal with your pest control problems quickly and safely.  We offer:

  • Fast, effective pest treatments - targeted and appropriate for your specific pest problem
  • Pest proofing and advice - helping to prevent further infestations
  • Partnering with TADWEER for pest control solutions for the Emirate

Mosquito Control In Abu Dhabi

Every year it is crucial to implement mosquito control measures to protect those around you. Mosquitoes only need a small amount of stagnant water to lay their eggs.  Mosquitoes and midges tend to gather in large pools of standing water and breed at a rapid pace.

Our integrated mosquito management solutions can provide ongoing protection whether it be for your home or for your business. Rentokil Boecker® offers a wide range of mosquito control solutions based on years of research and study of mosquito behaviour and a deep understanding of the UAE weather. 

To ensure a disease-free environment for residents, Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre (Tadweer) has developed an effective, efficient and sustainable way to trap mosquitoes in close coordination with Rentokil Boecker®. More than 400 solar-powered smart traps were installed by Rentokil Boecker® in the Emirate to catch mosquitoes and thus keep a check on the outbreak of diseases like malaria, dengue, Yellow Fever and West Nile Virus.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are with you, every step of the way. If you’ve had a close encounter with a pest you cannot identify or have questions about pest treatments, contact Rentokil Boecker® Abu Dhabi or search hundreds of questions from home and business owners just like you. 

1. How much does pest control cost in Abu Dhabi?

As there is a range of factors that contribute to the price of pest control, it is difficult for us to provide you with an accurate price for our pest treatments online. 

When quoting you for your specific pest problem, the Abu Dhabi team will carry out a full assessment of your problem before giving you a quote.

2. How to control cockroaches in Abu Dhabi?

Cockroaches are common through Abu Dhabi & Al Ain. Especially due to the increase of urbanisation as well as humidity levels, cockroaches favour inhabiting kitchens, heated buildings and pipe ducts.

Based on a scientific approach called Integrated Pest Management™ (IPM™), Rentokil Boecker® pest control services will provide you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pest problem is over. Our pest control professionals possess the necessary experience and tools to provide convenient and stress-free cockroach control. Our trained and certified experts will inspect the outside of your premises, seal up cracks and openings that could provide an entrance, provide you with the needed recommendations and deliver the necessary treatment as a chemical barrier to keep cockroaches from returning.

It has been almost four years since Boecker started looking after the pest management in BeitMisk and allow me to say it has been a delight. Since the introduction of Boecker for the pest management role, all inconveniences around the matter have been resolved, creating a more comfortable living experience, and making our jobs easier. We are extremely pleased with the services of Boecker and would like to wish the company and everyone their success and prosperity!

Bchara Hankach Finance & Administration Manager Handyco SAL

For us, sustainability means delivering our products and services responsibly and protecting the environment. We are committed to reducing emissions and using natural resources to develop environmentally- friendly products and processes.

Rentokil Boecker® is part of Rentokil Initial, a global services company operating in over 80 countries with over 90 years of service, and is the largest public health company in the MENAT region.