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Getting Your Workplace Ready for Flu Season

As the days grow shorter and the weather turns colder, flu season looms on the horizon and with it brings that annual symphony of sniffles, sneezes, and sick days. While no one can guarantee you'll never catch the flu, we can help you prepare your workplace to fend off those pesky germs. So, let's embark on a germ busting adventure because a well thought out plan can help minimise the impact of germ outbreaks and ensure a healthier, more productive work environment.

The Germ Battle

COVID-19 is the fifth known pandemic since the 1918 flu pandemic. This reminds us that health threats are still a concern, and we should always be watchful and take steps to protect ourselves from new and old contagious illnesses.
Maintaining a healthy and hygienic work environment is crucial for the smooth operation of any office or company and prevents the spreading of viral outbreaks. The presence of germs can lead to increased employee absenteeism and decreased productivity. 
Creating a healthier workspace is not only about warding off illnesses and pandemics, but a strategic move to unleash your team's potential. In today's fast-paced corporate world, employees dedicate a significant amount of their lives to work. By prioritising a germ free work environment, you're not only creating a space where illness is kept at bay. You are providing for your team the space to feel safe, comfortable, and empowered to do their best work.


The Great Office Germ Exchange

Your office might seem like a breeding ground for germs. But did you know that the average desk harbours 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat? 

So, before we send in the germ control SWAT team from Rentokil Boecker, let's identify the hotspots where germs love to live and thrive. 

The CDC reveals that common germ hideouts include doorknobs, elevator buttons, shared tables and computers, and the dreaded office microwave. Next time you're heating up lunch, remember to bring some hand sanitizer along!

Germ Control Services to the Rescue

This is where we come in, at Rentokil Boecker we offer an arsenal of tools to help you combat the flu season and break the transmission chain.

These services can be your trusty sidekicks in the battle against the flu. 

  • Infection Control Plan: A sanitization service designed by Rentokil Boecker® to safely and effectively eliminate all microorganisms, stop the spread of germs and provide a healthy environment

  • Vortex™: Deep cleans & eliminates dust, fungus, mould and bacteria from your AC system.

  • Mould Remediation: Our thorough mould service focuses on problematic infestation areas. 

  • VirusKiller™ Air Purifiers: Our VirusKiller™ units help create a safer environment and break the chain of airborne transmission.

  • Microbecs™ AP: You can safely disinfect all surfaces, with our wide and versatile Microbecs™ range in order to control germs spread.

  • Hand Sanitizers: Enhance your safety with our hand sanitizers. The active molecule within our product acts as an invisible glove, safeguarding your hands.


Your Go To Hygiene Heroics // Workplace Flu Season Wisdom

  • The WHO and CDC agree that proper hand hygiene is key to flu prevention. Regular handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds should be a daily ritual. It is also recommended to place hand sanitizer stations throughout the office for an extra layer of protection.

  • Don't forget to practise respiratory etiquette, emphasising the use of tissues or the crook of the elbow when coughing or sneezing.

  • Hire the germ control pros to make sure your office is a safe and healthy place.

  • Include regular high touch surface disinfection into your workplace hygiene routine; because even your keyboard can harbour unwelcome guests!

  • Knowledge is power, so educate your staff and co-workers on flu facts. 

  • Because the flu likes surprises it’s preferable to have a contingency plan ready. If all else fails, embrace remote work during flu season.

Flu season doesn't have to be a dreaded annual event. By incorporating germ control services and practising good hygiene you can help keep those germs at bay. Remember, a healthy workplace is a happy workplace, and a happy workplace is a productive one. So, let's get ready to fight the flu with a smile and a squirt of hand sanitizer!



Vortex™: Clean The Air You Breathe

Vortex™ service eliminates dust, fungus, mites and bacteria from your HVAC system. It also targets germs in the facility via disinfecting the surrounding area to provide a healthier environment for asthmatic and allergic individuals.

  • Specialised Equipment For Guaranteed Results
  • Lasting Protection Beyond Any Microbial Resistance
  • Fast-Acting, Patented Solutions
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