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Food Safety Maintenance And Support Services: Be Audit Ready, Every Day

With the great accomplishment of earning an International Food Safety Management System (FSMS) certification such as ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP, etc. comes a greater risk, the deterioration of FSMS implementation a few months after getting certified. The team and management settle into comfort zones and the rigorous implementation of food safety systems begin to deteriorate to bring it back on track right before an audit.

The Knowledge You Need, Easily Delivered 

Rentokil Boecker® offers food safety maintenance and support services that constantly evaluate the effective implementation of your Food Safety Management System. No matter how big the brand is, how large the facility and how well trained the staff members are; failing to effectively implement and maintain a Food Safety Management System can cause serious problems for the business. Systems have to be maintained in the same way that equipment and machinery, operations and facilities are. 

Rentokil Boecker® food safety solutions are designed to protect customers and enable them to stay in control:

Customised Support Services For Every Business

Rentokil Boecker® food safety consultants will inspect your premises, get to know your business and tell you exactly what should be done; guide you step by step towards your international compliance and certification.

Exceptional Partnership Of Expertise

Our certified consultants will make sure you’re abiding by all the requirements for implementation and updating all the documentation including all SOPs, SSOPs, manuals, forms, and records in no time and help you always get fully prepared for your next audit.

Trusted by Leading Industries

Rentokil Boecker® customers include various institutional and commercial accounts serving the most vital sectors of the economy from airports to large urban projects, as well as medical facilities, food processing plants, catering, food manufacturing, hotels and restaurants.

Our Food Safety Maintenance And Support Services

All our food safety maintenance and support services are delivered by internationally certified consultants who have applied the most difficult international standards and written their own manuals. Our trainers design the consulting program to meet the specifications of your organisation and your employees.

HealthCheck™: Your Ticket To A Successful Audit

HealthCheck™ is 5-Steps programme based on a system audit that evaluates the implementation and maintenance of your standard, be it GMP, GMP PLUS, HACCP, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS, Global Gap or any other; keeping your investment and operation in ultimate check.

Rentokil Boecker® HealthCheck™ helps you:

  • Identify gaps between what was planned for and what is really happening
  • Help improving the effectiveness of your Food Safety Management System
  • Facilitate the early detection and prevention of nonconformances
  • Give you an objective “outsider” assessment on the “health” of your System
  • Facilitate internal audits
  • Avoid non-conformances during external audits
  • Ensure compliance with your Food Safety Management System

Mystery Shopping: Seeing From Your Customer’s Perspective

With a cutting edge approach to Mystery Shopping, Rentokil Boecker® provides a unique service with an in-depth report that addresses all the areas where the customer service experience in your establishment can improve and looks into more than the usual service promptness, attentiveness or handling objections.

  • A unique 360 degrees process
  • Covers every aspect of the dining experience, from welcome to the menu, service, presentation, hygiene and cleanliness all the way to the service staff attitude and knowledge
  • Detailed self-explanatory report

Mystery shopping service is presented Free of Charge with your Q-Platinum Award™ program.

Kitchen Audit: Ensuring Preliminary Compliance

Rentokil Boecker® kitchen audit service is a one-visit service that will assess your kitchen equipment, premises, procedures and hygiene practices to ensure your business is compliant with the basic food safety requirements before going for any international Food Safety Management System or standard.

Our kitchen audit report will:

  • Identify any potential risks, so you can proactively correct them
  • Detect any problems with your processes.

Kitchen Plan & Layout: The Building Blocks Of Food Safety

Designing food establishment kitchens can be very complicated. Many factors should be considered during the planning phase: where to put equipment and what materials to use. Detailed documents showing the site plan, floor plan, equipment layout and plumbing, mechanical, and finish schedules should be ready even before any construction begins. But most importantly is that these plans should be developed with food safety in mind.

Rentokil Boecker® offers kitchen plan review and kitchen design services covering:

  • Site plan
  • Floor plan
  • Sink requirements
  • Equipment needed
  • Finish schedules
  • Plumbing
  • Temperature control

Corporate Social Responsibility

For us, sustainability means delivering our products and services responsibly and protecting the environment. We are committed to reducing emissions and using natural resources to develop environmentally- friendly products and processes.

About Rentokil Boecker®

Rentokil Boecker® is part of Rentokil Initial, a global services company operating in over 80 countries with over 90 years of service, and is the largest public health company in the MENAT region.