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Germ-Free Pest Control

When insects die, they may leave millions of germs and diseases behind, making them a potential threat to humans and pets. The presence of pests near human and animal waste, food, and the environment creates the likelihood of them acting as disease vectors and allowing cross-contamination. Salmonella, E. Coli, Campylobacter, and Listeria are among the infections they can pick up and later excrete or pass. 

Pests don’t typically come from the cleanest environments before entering your home; they live in vents, drains, waste bins, sewer pipes, streets, etc. — just think of what they’re bringing into your home from these places!

Rentokil Boecker® offers the breakthrough Dual Protection: The Germ-Free Pest Control. Eliminating pests only does not neutralise their harmful germs. Germ-Free pest control service is the only certified pest control treatment that kills all pests and their germs in one shot. Throughout the process, our field professionals only use licensed and safety approved chemicals inside your home for a full protection that safeguards both your family and property.

Why Choose Germ-Free Pest Control?

Prevent The Spread Of Diseases

Infectious diseases such as Zika virus, Lyme disease, and rabies can be carried and spread by vectors. Disease vectors include mosquitoes, ticks, rodents and other animals. Because these viruses can cause significant sickness and even death in humans and animals, germ-free pest control treatment is critical for your family's or employee’s health.

Reduce Asthma And Allergies

Indoor household pests such as cockroaches can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms. Asthma is not caused by an infectious organism but by an allergic reaction to particles shed by organisms, mainly house dust mites and cockroaches. It is one of the most common chronic diseases of children and the leading cause of hospital admissions for children. In these cases, eliminating pests will not take the health threat away, your property will need a double protection for that.

Prevent Food Contamination

Within and on the surface of their bodies, cockroaches carry bacteria that can cause salmonella, staphylococcus and streptococcus if deposited in food. Rodent droppings, urine and fur can also transmit hazardous parasites to food, which increases the risk of contracting serious diseases. They can then transfer that to workstations, food and equipment used for food processing, which increases the risk of contamination. When we disinfect after controlling the pests in your premises, all pest’s droppings will be eliminated with our powerful range of disinfectants.

Upgrade Your Regular Pest Control To A Germ-Free Service

You see the pests as annoying and dangerous in some cases, we see them as disease carriers. Rentokil Boecker® saves thousands of premises annually from pests to provide a healthier working or living environment. When you request our pest control services, we’ll do whatever it takes to eliminate any infestation, but that does not mean that the germs carried in by pests are also eliminated as different products and treatments are needed for that. We used specialised products for pest control and professional disinfectants for neutralising its germs. Upgrade your regular pest control today and get 360° protection all year long.

1. Pest Inspection

We will conduct a deep and thorough inspection to determine the type of pests that are infesting your premises, the source of the infestation, their breeding sites and the conducive conditions.

  • 10+ branches across the MENAT region with combined global expertise
  • Calls returned within 24 hours
  • No-obligation quote and recommendations

2. Pest Treatment

We provide a wide range of chemical and non-chemical products that can effectively reduce any pest’s infestation and guarantee an efficient control of the pest problem or high maintenance of the pest-free environment.

  • Certified, local pest control professionals
  • Environmentally-sensitive approach
  • Child & pet-friendly treatments

3. Pest Monitoring

Our professional team will follow up to evaluate the efficiency of the treatments and take the necessary control measures to guarantee a long-lasting protection.

  • Detailed post-service recommendations and reporting
  • Pest prevention aftercare and advice
  • Optimal reduction of the spread of infectious pathogens

The Dual Protection That Will Protect You From Diseases 

All Rentokil Boecker® professionals are highly qualified and trained to industry standards. Our pest and germ control teams offer a wide range of global innovations and control solutions for the most effective outcome.

Germ-Free Pest Control Expertise
Protecting commercial and residential properties in MENAT from pests and germs for over 28 years.
Trust The Pest Control Experts
Our trained and accredited pest management professionals possess the certification, expertise and tools to rid homes and your businesses of pests all year round.
Safe, Effective Pest Management Solutions
A broad range of non-toxic pest management options, safe for areas where pets and children are present.

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