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Heat Treatment: Bed Bug And Insect Control

Rentokil Boecker® heat treatments operate by heating a predetermined region for around two hours or more depending on the treated area. All life stages of pests and bugs, from eggs and larvae to adults, are dehydrated and killed by the heat, which is usually between 50 and 60 degrees Celsius. 

Building heat treatment, for example, involves rapidly raising the temperature of rooms in an infested home to a degree where all insects and pests are unable to survive the heat. It is a safe and effective chemical-free method of pest control that’s useful against most types of pests, including bed bugs and wood-boring insects.

Heat treatment is also effective for removing moulds and pathogens. This form of pest management treatment can be safely applied to a wide range of items, goods, and commodities. Best of all, Rentokil Boecker® heat treatment complies with ISPM 15 standards.

15% of hospitality businesses say they have spent over $5000 per year controlling or preventing bed bugs in the past two years. To combat this, Rentokil Boecker® heat treatment is available. Highly effective against bed bugs and insects such as textile pests and cockroaches, heat treatments reach all areas of an infestation without damage to fixtures such as furniture and fabrics. The mobile system delivers dry, targeted heat to treat infestations without the use of chemicals and is highly suited for businesses such as hotels, guest houses, care homes and domestic properties.

Entotherm Heat Treatment: How It Supports Your Business

Rentokil Boecker® heat treatment solution is more effective in eliminating bed bugs and other insect pests compared to conventional treatments. With increasing regulation around the use of pesticides, heat treatment is fast becoming the go-to solution for businesses in the hospitality sector. 

Minimal Disruption To Business Operations

A single heat treatment eliminates bugs and other insect pests typically within half a day. The non-toxic, chemical-free nature of Entotherm allows treated areas to be reused immediately afterwards.

Non-Toxic Solution

Chemical and pesticide free, our treatments are environmentally-friendly and well-suited for use in sensitive environments of food areas, care homes, hotels and hospitals.

Minimises Replacement Costs

Heat treatment can be used on furniture and upholstery, eradicating insect pests without causing any damage which saves on disposal and replacement costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Heat Treatments Safe?

Yes, provided the equipment and systems used are correctly monitored. Rentokil Boecker® has extensively trained experts, professional equipment and comprehensive operational and safety procedures.

At What Temperature Are Insect Pests Killed?

Insect pests should be exposed to a temperature between 56°C and 60°C. This temperature must be applied until all life stages of the target insect are killed. The time necessary will depend on the species of insect concerned.

How Does An Increased Temperature Kill Insect Pests?

By desiccation - it dries them out. Additionally, essential proteins in the body, such as enzymes are denatured and destroyed.

Which Insects Can Be Treated With Heat?

Rentokil Boecker® heat treatment is usually employed to exterminate bed bugs and stored product pests. However, any type of insect can be treated with heat: insect pests in food factories and mills, moth and other infestations in fabric and furniture as well as wood-borers and more.

For us, sustainability means delivering our products and services responsibly and protecting the environment. We are committed to reducing emissions and using natural resources to develop environmentally-friendly products and processes.

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